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The Unhackable Hardware-enforced Cybersecurity Solution


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Firewalls and other software-based security are past their prime - and are prime targets for cyberattack. That's why Owl created data diode hardware-based security solutions that are enforced by the laws of physics, not code or configuration.






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One Way In.
The secure recipient network is able to accept the light via a photo receiver, but doesn't have a light itself. That means that data can enter the network, but there is NO WAY OUT.



One Way Out.
Data diodes enable a secured network to send data one-way out to external users and systems that need it. The send side emits light (aka data) to a photo receiver on the destination side. IT's like a one-way valve for data - on tap whenever you need it, with no entry back in.
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Have a network that requires two-way communication? Using Owl's ReCon solution, closed diode loops are created so that the network has a sender pathway, but then a completely separate receiver track. So it still uses one-way data diodes, just two different ones. 


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