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The Unhackable Hardware-enforced Cybersecurity Solution


This video explains what it is...


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As cyber threats continue to rise you must...


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With Owl Data Diode Cybersecurity you can...

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Data/File Transfer: Transfer data sets across security boundaries. Easily integrate with existing applications.

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Real-Time Data Streaming: Forward system logs, performance management information, and other files.

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Database: Perform replication from a higher security “trusted” network to a lower security network. 

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Remote Monitoring: Monitor critical infrastructure, financial and other systems supporting a variety of industries. 

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Process Control Interfaces: Securely transfer Information gathered by DCS and SCADA systems between operational and business networks.

Benefits of Data Diode Security

  • Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and effective. New tools have rendered many forms of software-based security ineffective.

  • Protecting critical infrastructure continues to be a challenge across industries as operational networks become more interconnected.

  • Standards to keep customer data safe and secure have become increasingly strict and under scrutiny.

  • In many cases, data from inside a sensitive network is needed, with data diodes, IT teams can transfer information without introducing possible threat vectors.



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Oil and Gas Use Case

Enable secure one-way production data transfer to HQ.

Critical Infrastructure

Using Data Diode technology to defend industrial control systems.

Cybersecurity Solutions for the Digital Oil Field

Upstream oil an gas companies rely on highly connected data and control systems for exploration, drilling and monitoring.


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