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Meet DiOTa by Owl Cyber Defense.

Compact and simple data diode cybersecurity device for secure one-way transfer. Designed for Operational Technology, IoT, and IIoT.


Intuitive UI for Simple UX

DiOTa's streamlined user interface is nothing like Owl has ever created before. Its intuitive navigation and clean design allow the user to accomplish tasks quickly so they can get back to focusing on operational priorities. 


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IIoT Takes a Village. Defend it With DiOTa. 


While DiOTa possess the same advantages that come with all of Owl's hardware-based cybersecurity products, the device is razor focused to only perform the critical functions needed to support one data flow or protocol at a time. The device can secure operational technology (OT), micro-segmentation applications, and network boundaries both on site and at remote locations in multiple deployments.




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Compact and Hardware-Enforced

Securing a host of critical OT devices can be complex and overwhelming. That's why DiOTa's economical price, small form factor, and robust design makes it a smart solution for multiple deployments and to secure the IIoT/IoT environment.



Stay Informed on DiOTa's Launch

Over the next few months, Owl will continue to release exciting updates on the new DiOTa product. Share your information with us below to stay in the know on DiOTa's progress and have a chance to beta test the product. A member of our team will be in touch with more information.